terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Fenerbahçe vence novamente e chega a mais uma final

A equipe do Fenerbahçe está em mais uma final da Liga Turca. Campeão da última temporada, o time de Zé Roberto não teve dificuldades hoje para bater pela segunda vez o Galatasaray nas semifinais do campeonato. O time campeão mundial, que hoje foi a quadra com a formação Sokolova-Osmokrovic-Skowronska, precisou apenas de 3 sets para garantir sua vaga na grande final. As três, por sinal, foram as maiores pontuadoras do jogo, com 15, 16 e 14 pontos respectivamente. Agora o Fenerbahçe encontrará na final seu algoz da Champions, o Vakifbank, no que prmote ser uma final bastante disputada.

Fenerbahçe Acibadem 3x0 Galatasaray Medical Park (25-23, 25-16, 25-18) - Estatísticas

A partida de hoje marcou também a despedida da levantadora Arzu Göllü das quadras. A levantadora turca de 42 anos, fez dessa sua última temporada, jogando pelo Galatasaray.

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  1. Arzu Gulu não tem apenas 32 anos não.Vi em sites e ela tem 42 anos! Estava na hora dela parar! ;)

  2. é verdade Cleverson, um outro amigo meu tbm tinha me avisado, foi um erro de digitação, já corrigi já...vlw! ;) Obg. Bjos

  3. :) hi irmas mellos

    the traditional rivalry with galatasaray is going worse to worse everyday. i cant remember when their women volleyball team could defeat us last time. hope they can make a better team for the next season and give excitement to arch rivalry.

    last saturday, at the first leg of semi finals, we were in the hall again but not coloured with yellow-dark blue shirts and scarves cause the rival fans ban. I sat behind of bench with some guys and players realised we were there. During the game we werent shouting anything but applauding the points, and at the third set our bench players were making applaud tempos, we were joining them and it was so tragicomic almost all the spectators were joining to us.
    Maybe there were only 50 galatasaray fans at their home match where %90 of the hall is Fenerbahçe fans secretly.

    And at the match point all the hall stood up applauding, and we started to shout nobody is able to forbid our love... everytime everywhere the greatest Fener.. and left the hall after chanted all players name.

    Club chairmen and team manager were laughing with us ,how funny was to see most of the people were Fener fans.

    At the outside i saw Ze Roberto sitting on the stairs smoking, but he was smoking in a so deepful mood as if a pleasure moment or oppositely thinking about some concerns, i dont know. anyway went near him to celebrate, he thanxed all and promised us for the best performance at the finals.

  4. we realised at the first game, this rival supporter ban is an absurdness, but i dont know what gonna happen next season at the derby games.

    about the second game, it wasnt a very well concentrated ambiance for us and players. and that people thinks the score is expected to be a 3-0, they dont want to make the way to the hall, there were a crowd nearly 1500.

    Futbol team captain Alex came to hall with his wife and little daughter. He took the big part of attentions, also some men volleyball team players were in the hall and we chanted their name too.
    I sat near Leonel Marshall to ask if he is going to stay next season, he said yes extended the contract :) i was glad to know he will make us fly next season too.

    The game wasnt enjoyable at all, yellow angels rarely shown their full capacity and we afraid it wont be enough for title if they play so. Supporters were also interesting with different things and not paying attention to game at all, but surely the final games concentration will be much different for team and supporters.

    After the game we saw veteran captain Arzu retired, everybody applauded her and some gests from teams and supporters to her. We also waited a small group to call her once again after everybody gone, although she never played for Fenerbahçe, to thanx her all efforts for volleyball, shouting Turkey proud of her.. she was gladfully saying wish good lucks at final and championship is good on us.

    Meanwhile Erika was playing on the court with Alex's daughter and Neslihan's daughter. They were so sympathic, at the other side Nati's son and Arzu's daughter playing... the court was like a kindergarden :)) Alex also played with the kids after talked with Ze and spoke to media. We left the hall shouting Alex gol gol gol championship is coming.


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