domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Fenerbahçe vence Eczacibasi e assume liderança

A 20ª rodada da Liga Turca nos reservou uma troca de posições logo no topo da tabela. O até então líder com 55 pontos, Eczacibasi, tinha uma parada dura em casa contra o segundo colocado, o Fenerbahçe Acibadem, que depois do terceiro lugar na Champions League, parece vir com tudo para conquistar o título nacional. Mais que pelo resutlado em cima, o jogo era muito importante para o emocional das duas equipes. Jogando com Sokolova, Osmokrovic e Fürst, a equipe do Fenerbahçe saiu perdendo o primeiro set, mas logo repidamente se recuperou e virou o jogo. No quarto set, o Eczacibasi aprecia que levaria o jogo ao quinto set, mas ajudado por uma bela atuação da russa Sokolova, que somou 24 pontos, o Fenerbahçe creceu, e fechou o jogo em 3 sets a 1. Com o resutlado, a equipe de Zé Roberto assumiu a liderança da tabela, empatado com 55 pontos com o Eczacibasi. Em terceiro vem o Vakifbank, que neste fim de semana conquistou mais uma vitória por 3x0, e está um ponto atrás dos líderes.

20ª Rodada:

Ankaragücü 3x1 Nilüfer Bld. (25-13, 25-23, 11-2,5 25-18) - Estatísticas

İller Bankası 0x3 VakifGunes Sigorna TTelekon (20-25, 19-25, 23-25) - Estatísticas

İBA Kimya TED Kolejliler 2x3 Beşiktaş (25-21, 20-25, 27-29, 25-13, 8-15) - Estatísticas

Dicle Üniv. 0x3 Galatasaray Medical Park (25-27, 22-25, 21-25) - Estatísticas

Eczacıbasi Vitra 1x3 Fenerbahçe Acıbadem (25-20, 22-25, 18-25, 22-25) - Estatísticas

Ereğli Bld 3x0 Karşıyaka ISKA (25-20, 25-17, 25-15) - Estatísticas


fonte:, foto: Metin Timur

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  1. Hi irmas Mellos
    We went to medicine factory to get enough moral dosage after the final four depression. it was a target game for doing the self confidence mission on team. Now the yellow angels landed on the top of table and as you know we would finish regular season at this position unless add any of young teams points. (I dont know if there is same rule anywhere on the world?do you know)

    It was a so rainy day, fortunately we didnt have problem in the trafic to arrive there a bus full of fans, but this time there were lots of girls than last year.

    The party started when players came to make warming up trainings, and fans celebrated Chris' birthday once again. I thought they were going to make her cry jeje

    I couldnt notice but i heard from some of young girls who came by our bus, Ze Roberto made her tearful during the first set, talking harsly about her performance and she went to the corner cleaning her eyes, later assistant coach talked to her to consolate and before the second set Ze Roberto went near her to please her heart.

    Team attacking performance wasnt good at first set, we were also having problems with security that they werent allowing us to use first seating line when they let home fans to do whatever they want.
    Finally we won the discussions and started to disturb rival players easily when they come to serve because it was so close, sometimes Mirka was smiling with our jokes.

    We could build our blocks better and set the games on Luiba generally gave us points, Nati and Seda werent so effective at attacking. Our serves were forcing their libero Esra who is transformed from spiker.

    Sometimes coach used different players, especially Nihan instead Chris to serve, and he was using time outs earlier than we expected, he was on a good coaching day in my opinion.

    We were enjoying with the songs and dominating the hall. When the team was back three points at the last set, at second techinical time out, we motivated ownselves, everybody to give more energy not to go tie break, when team back we started to push team more and they answered it positively, we won the revenge game.

    After the game end it was a very nice scenery, all the supporters opened hands singing while team walking to us "we beg to canary to hear our voice....we live the championship ambition again" they joined the entertainment with applauding tempo, and we made classic sari-lacivert..

    Thereafter we did classic teasing jokes to Neslihan and eczacibasi manager, she couldnt stay in the hall longer.

    Our girls have only one remained cup target, and they had to make a new motivation step for the playoffs, i think within this victory we made a brain come back, we have told them not to give up fighting and they kept their promise :)

    i was so sweated, had to change all my tshirts before getting out, supporter bus was moving so that didnt have any chance to talk players after the game. It is always being fun to make away trip to this absurd gym, lets see if we come here again at playoffs.



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