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Fenerbahçe recebe Final Four da Champions League

Assim como já era esperado, Istanbul foi confirmado como sede do Final Four da Champions League 2010/2011. E o time encarregado em organizar o evento final será o Fenerbahçe Acibadem. Após ganhar o wild card do Campeonato Mundial em Doha, onde acabou sendo campeão, o Fenerbhaçe agora descansa os playoffs, e aguarda seus adversários na busca do título maior da Europa. A promessa é de uma grande festa em Istanbul, já que a torcida aguarda ansiosa este título desde a temporada passada. O Final Four está marcado para acontecer entre os dias 19 e 20 de março no ginásio "Burhan Felek".

Enquanto isso, 12 times ainda seguem na luta por sua vaga. Foi sorteado também hoje em Luxemburgo os confrontos dos Playoffs 12 da Champions, que irão acontecer em jogo de ida e volta nos dias 2 e 9 de Fevereiro (mais ou menos um dia). Alguns jogos prometem grande emoções, é o caso de Pesaro e Dinamo Moscou. Será o reencontro da ponteira Costagrande com seu ex-clube. Outra grande expectativa fica por conta do confronto entre o time turco do Eczacibasi, que conseguiu a melhor campanha da fase de grupos, contra o RC Cannes, da França, time que foi bronze na última temporada da Champions. Estão definidos também quais os cruzamentos acontecerão nos Playoffs 6, que prometem ser ainda mais acirrados. Caso os dois times turcos vençam suas partidas, eles se enfrentam na fase seguinte, em um derby nacional. O mesmo pode acontecer caso Dinamo e Zarechie vençam suas partidas dos Playoffs 12. Já o Rabita, da estrela Mammadova, se passar pelo Prostejov, enfrenta o vencedor de Muszyna e Villa Cortese, mais um grande jogo a caminho. Os Playoffs 6 também irão acontecer em jogos de ida e volta, como acontece todas as temporadas, e estão marcados para os dias 23 de fevereiro e 2 de março (mais ou menos 1 dia). Veja abaixo o desenho com o resumo dos jogos da Champions 10/11:

Playoff 12 (2 e 9 de fevereiro - mais ou menos 1 dia)

Bank BPS Fakro Muszyna (POL) x MC-Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA)
Modranska Prostejov (CZE) x Rabita Bakü (AZE)

Scavolini Pesaro (ITA) x Dinamo Moscow (RUS)
Volero Zürich (SUI) x Zarechie Odintsovo (RUS)

RC Cannes (FRA) x Eczacıbaşı Vitra (TUR)
Aluprof Bielsko Biala (POL) x Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta TT (TUR)


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  1. Por Fin! :) But you girls are coming here earlier, que pena missing the real party je

    lets see who are going to be our visitors to fight for the cup, i dont mind whichever teams come, if other turkish teams can do or not, we look all the chances to buy their tickets too jeje
    The cup is going to come here alone, we will effort not to let it go away, at least we wont need to go airport to welcome the yellow angels jaja

    (I think you watched the program on FB tv, you saw the team manager sitting in the middle of desk, Violet Duca, i will talk to her about your training watching request when you come here)

    In the program, she said everbody in the team wanted to get organisation cause the girls are tired a lot despite of large 15 players squad, national players couldnt rest anytime since the world cup in japan.

    Later the team assistant coach Kamil Söz connected by phone and repeated the same things, he added that coach Ze Roberto talked to him and they put an opinion to passover playoffs cause in the busy schedule players started get fatigue, and they cant make heavy physical loading in these conditions.

    Thereafter the coaches shared their ideas with the president via the team manager etc., they thought in a collectively mind, it would be better for team to join final four directly if we can get organisation.

    After that they prepared the club candidation presentation and applied Cev for the final four organisation. It seemed normal result cause all the positive facts showed our side, within big fan support interest and new hall, federations' positive approachment blabla

    Both of team manager and assistant coach said, it was effected them too much last year, how the french organisators forced them to demoralise on semi final day, and french supporters joined italians side on final day. Our players often talked about these things and they also desired to get hosting to feel powered by own fans.

    If look negatively the team might not play four play off games and we wont be able to use full team in formal games until final four.
    But they look from the positive perspective, thinking coach will be able to program trainings&restings and condition loadings beside of recovering injured players.

    We are going to get in a more comfortable fixture after eczacibasi game, they may look to arrange friendly games with some strong teams at soon.

  2. hehehehehe, yes I saw it.

    I hope maybe we can also watch eczacibasi x vakifbank in Champions at least. Would be cool! To see a turksih derby! :)

    So I can watch two games there, one champions, and Fenerbahçe one for Turkish league! :)

    Yes I can see they feel well for having this break....I think Bergamo is suffering till now for the tired season it was 2010, beggining with the clubs, then NT and now back to clubs, many players injury...but that is part of sport.:)

    I`m jsut said Fenerbahçe already qualified to Final Four, for one reason...Furst. With SEda injuried she is not ahving much chances to play in Turkish league, actually she is not playing ever, so Champions were the games she could play...and now already qualified, she wont have much games to play will Seda gets back.

    I think Zé could use more the bench, maybe use Sigden as opp, so Furst could enter...and so on....

    Do you guys have any idea when Seda will be back?

    Champions can have some good games now...but in Final Four I suppose Fenerbahçe and Dinamo will make the final.


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