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Liga Turca 10/11: Eczacibasi desbanca Fenerbahçe

Um confronto muito esperado. Pela primeira vez na temporada os torcedores teriam a oportunidade de acompanhar Fenerbahçe Acibadem e Eczacibasi Vitra, dois dos times que mais investiram em contratações essa temporada. Para entender tamanha expectativa, basta olhar os nomes presentes em quadra. De um lado, Osmokrovic, Sokolova e outro, Del Core, Bown, Mirka Francia, além, claro, da fantástica Neslihan Darnel. Sim, fantástica, essa é uma palavra que define bem a Darnel de hoje. Em dia inspirado, a oposta foi uma das responsáveis pela vitória do Eczacibasi em cima do badalado Fenerbahçe, por 3 sets 1.

Fenerbahçe Acibadem 1x3 Eczacibasi Vitra (20-25, 25-23, 21-25, 18-25) - Estatísticas

Pela primeira vez no campeonato turco, uma equipe foi realmente superior dentro de quadra contra o Fenerbahçe Acibadem. O Eczacibasi esteve melhor em todos os aspectos, e não deu chances ao adversário. Já o Fenerbahçe, hoje, não conseguiu repetir a boa atuação de outras partidas, muito mal na recepção, não conseguia achar a estabilidade necessária para se impor. Ao todo foram 15 passes errados no jogo para equipe do técnico Zé Roberto. Sem o passe na mão, a jovem levantadora Naz não teve muito o que fazer senão usar as bolas altas pela ponta. Mas não pense que a vitória do Eczacibasi foi fruto simplesmente do fato do Fenerbahçe ter jogado abaixo do esperado. Não. Ao contrário do Fenerbahçe, a equipe do Eczacibasi apresentou grande nível. O único momento de instabilidade aconteceu no segundo set, quando cedeu 15 pontos em erros, acabando por perder este por 25 a 23. O Eczacibasi foi superior em todos os quesitos, e contou com noite inspirada da oposta Neslihan Darnel. A jogadora somou ao todo 26 pontos, com 54% de ataque, além dos potentes saques, que desestabilizaram a recepção de Sokolova e cia. Com a vitória, o Eczacibasi segue como única equipe invicta ainta na Liga, e assume a liderança isolada. A nota triste da partida ficou por conta da lesão da central e capitã do Fenerbahçe, Cigden Rasna. A jogadora lesionou o joelho, e a lesão parece ser grave. Fica aqui nossa torcida para que tudo ocorra bem, e ela se recupere o mais rápido possível. Amanhã acontecem as demais partidas da rodada, e caso ganhe o Vakifbank pode roubar momentaneamente o segundo lugar na tabela da equipe do Fenerbahçe.

Assista a esse grande jogo entre Fenerbahçe x Eczacibasi:

fonte:,, fotos: Metim Timur

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  1. badalado fenerbahçe :)..cara joana i think that you are one of the fenerbahçe supporters.vakıfbank and eczacıbaşıVitra don't like fenerbahce..they approach like an enemy against fenerbahçe cuz fenerbahçe is a shining star of volleyworld.fenerbahçe fights not only against european clubs but also turkish clubs.neslihan darnel hates fenerbahçe..everyone knows that.

  2. Dont think that guy disappeared after a big lose jeje i didnt have chance to write something till now..

    This important match was a completely disaster, our girls shown a bad,terrible reception performance, our most trusted hands Liuba&Nati were on a bad day plus libero Nihan. Receptions' domino effect spoiled all the organisation of team and opened an easy way to eczacibasi. Naz also couldnt play good from the middle either with good receptions too, Kasia couldnt kill the ball to end important moral rallies, i dont know who was standing on team,a little Nati took more attack responsibility to awake team, coach tried some substitutes but couldnt beat Micelli.

    From the begining they served really good and wanted the game more, it was a deserved victory for their side, thats true neslihan played significantly, she is very important attacking gun but if we could use Chris,i think she wouldnt shine so much. And she is preparing herself especially for Fener games so motivated, this is making the rivalry high tensioned, i like this to re motivate ourselves for the next time to see her face in their hall.

    Our team put less than our average performance, couldnt block and defence at all, we were turning a bit normal after the captain entered the game but everything went worse after her injury, we couldnt take control.

    At the injury position, neslihan took big reactions, we know nobody makes anything intentionally and although the narrow angle she jumped hardly and passover line to our side. People were angry to see her unconcerned manners and her objections to referees for the point before showing any caress to injured person. She was opening her hands to referee as saying she didnt do anything blabla and the fans showed more reactions after that boos and everyone shouting neslihan out!
    She would make an apologise hand gests instead she put everybody more tempered, well now we are guilty again to boo our princess

    After these high tension moments, we hardly could get the set with their bad services especially. The big pressure on rival players turned opposite motivation and they were the happy side at the final.

  3. There was an interesting ambiance in the saloon like a futbol stadium, never ending songs began to chant in the hall from 4pm when there was still 90min to game time. The supporter groups shown a big interest to the match and it was the first time i saw all of them entered a volleyball game so early to place at the main part of standings not to let people who covers everywhere.

    The ambiance was very nice before the game with the favourite songs admitted to team but although the big crowd it wasnt as effective as expected during the game time, in my opinion. While the game was going bad they were still singing songs nonstop, didnt put enough pressure at correct times. Surely it would be a fantastic fun with enjoyable songs if team was doing a good game job, but they were bad and the big support couldnt help them much at all.

    But at the end of game, when the last few points remained, and although some spectators who were just watching the game all time were leaving the hall slowly,
    the supporters didnt go anywhere, it was an amazing moment everybody singing sari melekler ooo o as if we were the winner side, didnt let rival fans to celebrate anything, i havent seen such a support for a loser team, was impressive and didnt let girls demoralise more.

    The enthusiactic begining and the game ending parts were the best moments of supporters performance, but i cant say the same positive comments for the rest of game. Maybe with least supporters we would do better pressure on rivals...i know this because the day after that went to men volley away game against the leader team, we were more effective with some friends to demoralise rival players without such a crazy crowd, the problem is the people who are habitant to stadium style cant adjust their style to critic momentums in the halls.

    Anyway with the sorrows after game, we waited to see the girls with some guys. I saw Seda and talked to her about her injury, said we needed her a lot but her special physiotherapist told me she still need time to return full recovered.

    Thereafter seen Chris,Fofao, Kasia and her husband were going to dinner alltogether, they were the first ones went out of hall door. I chatted with Fofao, wished she could play. She wished the same desire to play in this ambiance. She understands english basically i didnt have problem to tell something, when i asked about she said her husband is in Brasil, surprised that knew his name and also how she missed condensed milk jeje

    I was almost going to say that her two fans were going to come from Rio in march and would bring condensed milk je ...but later thought u may wanna make her a surprise visiting, i dont know, if u want me to say her about your visiting, i do next time.

    Talked with Chris too, when other girls were going in the darkness she was stucked cause some young guys were asking photo, i joked her she didnt play but tired here with photos. She turned me saying no no wish could tire playing but was looking other girls hesitately not to get lost in autopark, and after farewelled ran after them.

    After the three foreigners gone, we saw some of our Turkish girls, everybody tried to put morale up them, it is ok this time,neednt to mind, we will do better next time at away blabla and also questioned girls about our captain injury.

    They said heard it was serious front knee ligaments and she was in hospital during the game. Then we upset more and decided to visit her in the hospital.


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