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Liga Turca - 7ª Rodada: Galatasaray é surpreendido, e perde

O Galatasaray foi surpreendido em casa nesta primeira rodada de 2011. O time esta muito dependente da oposta Ivana Djerisilo, e acabou sendo derrotado pelo Eregli Bld. Vakifbank e Fenerbahçe não tiveram dificuldades para vencer seus jogos, mesmo tendo enfrentado equipes que vão bem na tabela. Ainda sem contar com Seda, Zé opta por continuar usando as mesmas extrangeiras, e mais uma vez Fofão e Fürst ficaram sem jogar. Quem também venceu foi o Eczacibasi, com destaque para a oposta Darnel, com 20 pontos e a ponteira Mirka, com 18. Dia 4, Fenerbahçe joga para igualar os 7 jogos das demais equipes.

7ª Rodada - 02/01

IBA Kimya TED Kolejliler 1x3 Eczacibası Vitra (14-25, 13-25, 25-23, 16-25) - Estatísticas

Beşiktaş 3x0 Dicle Üniversitesi (25-22, 25-23, 25-15) - Estatísticas

VakifGunes S.TTelekom 3x0 Nilüfer Bld (25-17, 25-23, 25-13) - Estatísticas

Fenerbahçe Acıbadem 3x0 İller Bankası (25-14, 25-21, 25-13) - Estatísticas

Karşıyaka İZKA 3x1 MKE Ankaragücü (21-25, 25-23, 25-20, 25-21) - Estatísticas

Galatasaray Medical Park 0x3 Ereğli Bld (23-25, 22-25, 23-25) - Estatísticas


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  1. Que sorpresa! what a pity for galatasaray jeje

    Our sunday game against iller bankasi passed in a good row of serves performance. When they served good at the second set, they carried the game ahead until the twentieth point, but there after we awoke. When we made good serve series, sometimes it took long time for us to change server player, because of that they didnt let us to sing a song for each player who comes to serve jeje

    The game time coincided with women basket besiktas derby, thats why there wasnt enough supporter, we were just 6 persons and rest of saloon nearly a thousand spectators.

    Before the game day i talked to friends to buy flower buckets present for players, as a new year celebration and plus a morale after last cup game defeat. So that we decided to prepare with a quick decision but most of people was going to women basket game, and we couldnt find enough friend to give flower bucket to each one. Imagine there were 17 buckets and six persons jeje Before the match we contacted to the captain Cigdem about this, we wanted to give flowers before the game because we made plan to arrive at least last quarter of basket game after volleyball.

    After players finished warming up, they all came in front of us, and guess whom i gave flowers? :)

    I noticed other guys were handling enough buckets for approaching team players, but the players who are out of game squad werent there. Fofao and Chris were watching this scene standing a bit further to us. Then i passed back side on court, went near them and greeted, told one is for you and one bucket for Chris. Fofao smiled and said "tesekkurler" in Turkish! jeje que bien, naturally she pronounced a bit different as all foreigners but wasnt bad.

    I said de nada, and turned to both of them to say we wished a happy new year and we are being always together with them wheter good or bad times. Chris thanxed for support and the flowers. After the see you later take care dialogs, returned to our seats.

    After the game Fofao was going out of corridore and turned us greeting with the flower in hand, saying thank you in english this time. now we are good friends jeje (she also has seen us before the game when she was looking for a chair to sit, and said hello with a sympathic smile)

    There you can see some photos, but you cant see me that i was at the other side with Fofao and Chris :)

  2. :) Thanks dear for your statments always.

    Actually, my sister and I going to Istanbul in march, beggining of march, we will spend a week there, so we hope to see all this Fenerbahçe party from close! :)

    Maybe we can see you in the gymm.


  3. Ohh really! Is it a holiday trip plan with a tour or something else?

    Fofao and Ze Roberto should be very glad to see irmas Mellos jeje

    I hope you can arrange a time of our home game week to enjoy more watching them, lets see if you are lucky.

    I dont know if you have friends here to help and guide you, anyway you can ask any question you need to learn, as i am an Istanbul native :) and i know all volleyball game centers jeje

    see you bs

  4. :)

    yes is a holliday trip but we take the cahnce to watch a lot of volleyball if possible..hehehe

    we will be in Istanbul from 28/02 to 07/03! :) so we will have one sunday, we hope we can see a match of Fenerbahçe, but I dont know what match will be yet. (06/03)

    Yes I have a friend there, but any other help is always welcoming. :) What things you suggest us to visit? :)
    We are going to stay in a hotel in Taksin district, I heard is more commercial area, more malls, and restaurants...and still a turistic area.

    We were thinking about maybe watchign some trainning from Fenerbahçe and one from you know if is possible?

    Tahnks for your help. :) We really aprecheate. Turkish people is really welcoming and that is really nice of you. :)


  5. By the way, I dont think that Fofão or Zé know about our blog..hehehehehehe

    maybe the only one that knows is Furst. :) But maybe she would only recognize by our names Joana and Mariana from Rio..hehehehehehehe ;)


  6. :) it is a very good trip plan although a very long travel distance.

    it is unsure what the game fixture give you a chance at the dates you are planning to be here. If we get Final four organisation host, then the fixture plan may goes different.

    Taksim is one of the biggest center of city, almost the heart of twenty four hours life, you can travel every touristical zone easily from there. If you need more detailed information about the places you interest, i can advice you... you can write me by mail or msn whenever you want,

    Today i was at the voleyball saloon again for the men champions league, the french team swept us 0-3... Fofao,Chris and Ze Roberto were at the standings, after the game i asked them if they were here for training, they said not,was for an official press meeting before champions league game. But i didnt ask if they knew irmas Mellos jeje
    ok, it doesnt matter if they know you or not, they should be very glad to see someone from Brasil came to watch them, you should bring a small Brasil flag

    I can assist you a hand for watching Fenerbahçe training, it is not problem, i have watched a few times with permission of managers, they know us, and you girls are also special guests who are going to come from Rio!, how they can refuse you if the coach is Ze Roberto... the team make a training session before the match day at the Burhan Felek volleyball saloon if they are going to play there the next day... or if going away, they travel at the club's training center, it is not difficult to visit them, dont worry.

    But i cant say the same things about eczacibasi, it is too far to city center ,in the middle of crazy jungles with wild animals jeje vale vale exaggerated, but really far and difficult to go, i dont know why you wanna visit them...
    it is easy to see them if they have a champions league game, then they play in Burhan Felek too,not at the absurd small saloon which is in the middle of eczacibasi factory facilities.

    Wish your trip date comes to our eczacibasi away game, and we would carry you there by supporters bus jeje you cant imagine what a party and crazy support..last season we travelled there a full bus on a snowy day,when istanbul traffic frozen, everybody was surprised to see us, players saying how crazy you are bla bla

    anyway dont worry about your trip, i see you the sisters like travelling, if you are lucky you can watch a funny game, hope so, i cant say it is being always a party if we meet with a mediocre team and fix with futbol or basket games. You may can see them too, but ok this is your first istanbul trip, you should also see lots of historical places, the city is a big cultural treasure.

    it is good you have a friend here, then he/she can help you, as i said before you can ask anything you want to me too. i am experienced enough with my spanish friends city visitings, and i have carried them to so many Fenerbahçe matches jeje they were so addicted, travelled here eight times in three years! :)

    take care bs


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