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Champions League 10/11 - Final Grupo B

Norda Foppapedretti BERGAMO 0x3 FenerbahceAcibadem ISTANBUL (13-25, 23-25, 19-25)- Estatística

O atual bi-campeão da Champions recebeu o Fenerbahce em seu ginásio para decidir sua vida na competição. Apenas a vitória manteria as chances de classificação aos playoffs. O Bergamo lutou muito, mas não resistiu à força e à regularidade do time turco. O Foppa entrou em campo com muitas meninas e suas jogadoras mais experientes não estiveram bem. Pela primeira vez em sua história, a equipe italiana não vai jogar o Final Four. O time agora segue na busca de um título europeu na CEV Cup. O Fenerbahce deu mais uma prova de sua força e venceu em sets diretos na reedição da final do ano passado.

ZOK SPLIT 1700 0x3 Dinamo MOSCOW (7-25, 12-25, 11-25) - Estatística

O Dínamo foi à Croácia e, mesmo poupando algumas de suas titulares, não teve dificuldade para passar pelo Split em sets diretos e somou mais 3 pontos na classificação. Mesmo com a vitória o time russo ficou na segunda posição do grupo. As meninas croatas não acabaram a participação da maneira que esperavam. A melhor jogadora da partida foi a experiente central italiana Simona Gioli. Com apenas uma derrota nessa primeira fase, o Dínamo se coloca mais uma vez como um dos favoritos ao título.

Classificação final do grupo -
1. FenerbahceAcibadem ISTANBUL - 15 pontos
2. Dinamo MOSCOW - 15 pontos

3. Norda Foppapedretti BERGAMO* - 6 pontos
4. ZOK SPLIT 1700 - 0 ponto

*Classificado para o Challenge Round da CEV Cup
fonte: cev.lu

3 comentários:

  1. It was really a nice away victory until i read the post of Joana in the inside volley forum.

    For a few days i looked to read something in Fener fans forum about this but nobody knew anything till she wrote it, thereafter some others copied it immediately to turkish volleyball forum. That bad propaganda is very useful for the persons like nicked Bartek and some Turks..

    Anyway, of course it is unacceptable to show this kind of ultras behaviours in the halls especially when you are guests and representing a millions of fans big club.

    I dont know if they are completely wrong,i mean if anybody provocated blabla because we cant listen them and making comments on just Joana's friends statements.

    Surely whatever happened to make them angry doesnt give them any right to use explosive firecrackers in the hall or throwing a plastic bottle(i dont know where they threw all these, to court? to players or fans?) If there is anybody wounded i feel very sorry(is there?), maybe there is nobody hurt but seems Bergamo fans worried and asking a punishment from Cev according to your post, i understand this.

    Maybe they didnt have any aim to hurt someone and threw things to make away show off but doubtless whatever they do is wrong. Perhaps just a few person of the group was putting blame on all.

    I know we are very habitant to these kind of ultras behavious from our derby games at stadiums and halls. While watching bergamo game that we didnt see any high tensioned moment on tv, your post was surprising, it is clear you and your friends arent used to these things.

    I also cant accept these things to happen especially at women games and we effort to control all the violence potential of quick tempered guys. Futbol hooligans generally doesnt show interest to games which are not derby or very important. Almost all home games pass in good conditions under control of common sense. We also try to cencura any bad words in the songs especially at women games, it is for the respect of players and families.

    About the last Bergamo game, the supporters seemed young generations guys, travelled from different countries north of italy. I appreciate their support cause it really motivated team to win and finish the group leader. And all Fener fans put an importance to Bergamo games cause last year's final, the players felt this enough in the ambiance.

    I heard on tv Fofao said Fener fans were impressive, they are dominating all the halls wherever we go, and some other players also thanxed them they were the part of success to end group leader bla bla. Naturally the team players and staff didnt talk about the things u mentioned, perhaps they didnt notice or dont see much important as rival side.
    Wish they would tell both the good and bad things on tv to educate fans in better way, i always tell the players messages on tv is important to shape supporters style (well, i try to ask team about these if i have a chance next times)

    I watched the game on laola, and heard Fener songs all the game at away with a so small group, they didnt stay silent neither when we were back 20-23, still shouting alltogether haydi Fener haydi(come on Fener). They made us proud with strong support in a so traditional volleyball club's hall, but perhaps the club will pay a money punishment cause their wrong behaviours unless your friends exaggerated (i believe they are not lying cause i also heard a sudden explosion sound, banged twice during the game, and sounded familiar as small sound bombs fans use here at derbies when the tension goes up, but thought maybe misunderstood cause what the sound bomb is doing there, game didnt stop, everything seemed normal. After you wrote the post, understood the reason jeje)

  2. Part 2

    Yes maybe there were some ugly moments, but when i looked the supporter group's web page(Genç Fenerbahçeliler Europe), i could see some beauty too, they gave roses to players at the end of game, they sang songs with players, they travelled there with girls boys mixed. Perhaps nobody tell you these details, because your friends dont care cause futbol hooligans scared them at their home and point.

    Unfortunately it is very hard to control everyone in a group if this club has millions of fans, and someones' mistakes painting all the good things to black. All the guys who were there went for the love of Fenerbahçe colours, but it is sad to hear these unless your friends exaggerating.

    I know these things musnt happen anywhere, hooliganism must finish, (also have to kick racism out of sports, it is not seen in Turkey but some of europeans and italians are doing it too)

    We still have a way to go being more civilisated at sport arenas, but i neither accept industrial sport style to surround supporters soul. Definitely the families, women, little kids should come to watch games, it is such a nice athmosphere for the sports future indeedly but i dont like the elite snob spectators profile to cover everywhere in the stadiums&halls, and i complain about their arrogant perspective look to the club supporters.

    You are sensible girls, sure you will understand what i wanted to tell longly.

    Anyway, returning to the subject, with the game score Bergamo stayed out of CL, i am sorry, we were desiring to meet at final once again to take revenge, but this year made a shortcut jeje
    probably Bergamo wins the CEV cup, if wins it beating galatasaray, it makes us happier jeje
    I would like to see grand maestra Leo playing against us, maybe next year we gonna meet again, then she will be on court healthy.

    Tell your friends we are sorry for the things happened, if they like to come Istanbul to watch final four we welcome them with our good hospitality, none of supporters do things for being enemy.

    Vale bs

  3. Hi dear, I agree with you in amny many points..hehe

    Yes I totaly agere this kind of atitudes, and well racism in general, are commom in sport, specially in soccer, and really ungly, so I guess is natural when a soccer club creat a volleyball team the soccer fans that are used to one kind of atitude pass that to the gyms, witch is sad. It is not about Fenerbahçe, or any other....I think ti will ahppen with any soccer club that has other sports, it is the same in Brasil...but luckly right now we dont have soccer club involved in volleyball. I say lucky, cause here in Brasil soccer fas are really not polite...so though would be good for investmenst, I think I prefer them away from the gyms..hehehehe

    Of course when I wrote about what happened in Bergmao, I was not trying to put down Fenerbahçe imagine..I was just telling something that happened in teh gymn...Bergamo si really small town in Italy, and public there is all for volleyball, so they are used to way kind of bahavior...(they were elected last season the most polite supporeters in ITaly)...so you can imagine..hehehe

    I guess not matter who they represent, Fenerbahçe, Unilever, or Bergamo, this kind of behavior should not exist, that is why I showed my sadess..I even wrote also that I knew that that are fenerbahçe fans very in lvoe in volley and that also dont agree with this kind of bahavior, but unfortuanlty happened, as could have happened anywhere with everyone.

    And I also agree that players can have an important play in all this, teaching the fans....I always wish for braslian players show respect to the teams they play against and interview...so only like that the public will learn how to respect too, but unforutnelty ehre, that not always happens...witch is a shame.

    Bit life moves on, the only thing that we can do is try to do our part, and wish for this things not to happen. :)

    I`m sure Fenerbahçe will make a great party for Final Four, very beautiful one....And I wish you guys good luck. ;)



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