quarta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2010

Recepção calorosa para as campeãs

A equipe do Fenerbahçe Acibadem foi calorosamente recepcionada por sua torcida no aeroporto em Istanbul, em sua chegada do Mundial de Clubes em Doha, onde se sagraram as campeãs mundias. Filas de fãs aguardavam as jogadoras para saudá-las. Em seguida foi realizado uma coletiva de imprensa na Sala de Imprensa do Clube.

fonte: fenerbahce.org

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  1. Queues of fans! jeje u are too optimist, it wasnt our one of best airport welcome..
    I was so busy with meetings, i could go hardly to airport to welcome the team and that their plane was landing thirty minutes later than i expected, i didnt want to be late to my appointment and left the airport,couldnt stay till they appear at outgoing door.

    To be honestly, there wasnt a big crowd as we exaggerated cause it was just in the middle of working hours day, at noon, was very difficult for lots of persons to go airport. But the team played two league games after return of Doha, in İstanbul and Ankara in front of totally ten thousands of fans nearly.

    this is from istanbul airport welcome

    these are from the capital Ankara airport

    University Fenerbahçe fans group organisation video looks very nice, you can hear them chanting Ze Roberto's name at the end. I was also very active in this group at my university times, is organised in all universities of Turkey.
    I wonder are you student? and is there this sort of supporter group organisations in the schools in Brazil?

    In this link Fofao talking at FB tv, it is funny that there is no interpreter, the players translating italian-english-turkish but nobody understands at the end jeje


  2. Really thanks for the videos! There are really nice! :)

    Would you mind if I put them here in the blog? :)

  3. De nada :)
    yes of course, use any video or photos, actually i am not the uploader but sure nobody minds, i know you give importance for the sources, it is a nice behaviour, not problem to use any photo or video link from our blog etc.. everybody putting to share, especially our friend Burak has a large archieve and he interests with video and photo collections in the Fenerbahçe fans forum


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