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Champions League 10/11 - 4ª Rodada

Por causa do Mundial entre clubes, que começa essa semana, Bergamo e Fenerbahce tiveram seus jogos da Champions antecipados para hoje. Apesar da maratona, ambos vão para Doha embalados por vitórias.

Grupo B -

Norda Foppapedretti BERGAMO 3x0 ZOK SPLIT 1700 (25-14, 25-18, 25-13) - Estatísticas

A semana foi realmente boa para o Bergamo. O time italiano conquistou suas três vitórias da temporada nos últimos dias, duas delas contra o Split. A equipe croata é o ponto mais fraco do grupo e se semana passada ainda conseguiu ganhar um set, dessa vez, jogando na Itália, não ofereceu muita resistência. O Bergamo mais uma vez optou por poupar Piccinini e Nucu. E as meninas deram conta do recado. Vasileva, melhor da partida, e Bosetti foram muito bem no ataque, enquanto Arrighetti fez 5 pontos de bloqueio. O time croata lutou, mas esbarrou nos próprios erros e segue sem pontuar. O Foppa lutará por uma classificação, que hoje parece improvável. Ao menos entre os dois primeiros.

Fenerbahce Acibadem ISTANBUL 3x0 Dinamo MOSCOW (25-14, 25-15, 25-15) - Estatísticas

Os times se encontraram semana passada e o placar do jogo surpreendeu pela facilidade com que o time russo conquistou a vitória. Dessa vez, foi a equipe de Istanbul que não deu chances ao seu adversário. É até difícil achar uma explicação para dois jogos assim. Na volta de Osmokrovic, o Fenerbahce simplesmente atropelou o Dínamo, que também jogou com sua força máxima. Com um saque mais efetivo e um maior aproveitamento de ataque, o time turco neutralizou os pontos fortes do Dinamo. Sokolova mais uma vez foi o destaque. Agora os times não se enfrentam mais e caso vençam os próximos dois jogos estarão classificados. A liderança poderá ser decidida no saldo de sets.

Classificação do grupo -
1. Fenerbahce Istanbul - 9 pontos
2. Dínamo Moscow - 9 pontos
3. Norda Foppapedretti Bergamo - 6 pontos
4. ZOK Split 1700 - 0 ponto


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  1. mariana e joana fenerbahçe was team can destroy them if they perform like this...

  2. Indeed, they played really really well! I think the best game of them so far in the season.

  3. Hi irmas Mellos

    After a disappointing performance in Moscow, the yellow angels shown everybody they still stood on their foot. Russian team has given a warning message at their home, and we also could have a chance to reply. Now it doesnt mean everything is fine, but the moral level and self confidence turned normal. We know how strong rivals we are competing against, and the team and coach still need time to build their own game style. Dinamo has played very well last time and our individual mistakes gave big shocks beside of losing all long rallies and giving them moral. But in four days, everything changed -also with Nati's exist- opposite. The same story ended positive for us in front of our fans support.

    Hey! Finally i could learn what is the Fofao's husband name! Joao Marcio! he was very surprised after the game when i called him from upstairs with his name and said tudo bem,he turned que? smiled to us and greeted, lets see next time we make more friendship jeje

    Before the game i saw our former coach Jan de Brandt, and talked with him nearly an hour about lots of things. When i asked him if he believes our young setter can learn something from experienced Fofao and improve herself.
    He replied "the setter in my opinion there are just a few in the world. Lo Bianco and Fofao also there was Kirilova but not the current times.. i am thinking and cant find anymore names as a setter who is really defined for this role, with the mentality,game vision,leadership character... The others are players who gives ball from one place to other and they show themselves with different skills. Naz has a big potential but she has to open her eyes and watch Fofao always to learn something. She might arrive a place like Lo Bianco in 8-10 years, but for now must be patient and develope herself hardworking and watching Fofao all the time."
    He added Fofao is now in a lower condition cause the age and has defects cause length but she doesnt lose her talents and can trust her responsibilities under pressure times. Naz also has a good block skills etc... He is an admirer of Fofao too.

    Well lets see how the world club's tournament goes, Ze Roberto is probably our biggest gun to pass Osacco, hope so.

    Ok,i am going to Fenerbahçe men champions league game, take care

  4. heheheheheh....sooooory I totaly forgot about looking for a picture of him...hehe, but glad you could finaly find him,and descover his name :)

    Are you guys going to Doha?


  5. :) it is ok, not problem. Next step is to learn if he can speak english, he seems a funny man, i think Fofao knows english a bit,at least basically, i have seen FB tv spor magazin video in youtube, Fofao was gladfully saying something with microphone in her hand
    (after 8.30 min)

    After Dinamo match, we were calling the team to celebrate and making the after game tradition.. I noticed Seda was saying her to shout Lacivert(Dark blue), Fofao was saying her "I know,i know Seda"
    So that after we shouted Sarı(yellow) she was joining the girls too. Lets see, in a season we will teach her some Fener songs by time.

    But we still have problems to place in the new saloon and talked to team manager to change active supporters place that we stay far to court and cant effect the pitch as much as we desired. Also we still couldnt start players name songs yet because of that.

    About Doha trip, we would love to go and return with the championship cup&golden medal beside of petrol and fuel oil box stocks jeje that fuel oil is incredibly expensive here(the most of Europe cause the high taxes). my car stays in the house garage,walking to the sport saloon :P

    Anyway, most of us are working(or student) and cant find enough time or money for a week trip ; as the Trentino's retired old fans who made a banner travelled 8000 km from Trento..was very impressive but their age average is over 60! je what they would do sitting in home when cold winter season came,instead of going Doha where is so sunny :)

    We also have futbol and basketball matches to go support this weekend,yaa life is hard, maybe can save money for a trip of next final four organisation unless it is hosted in Istanbul.

    But you can see Fener fans everywhere on the world as in the Doha with club shirts and Turkish flags, Fenerbahçe teams never stay alone at aways, whatever futbol-basket-volleyball men or women teams. (mmm perhaps in Brazil jeje there you cant find so much Turks crowd who works or studies there)

    The people are doing good support in Doha, they dont need us, but we may better to give the fans some tactics, because they seemed not used to go matches,a bit unorganised jeje You see, not only Ze Roberto works on tactics.

    When the team returns our duty starts, because they will play an important league game against vakifbank just one day after arrival.



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