domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

Liga Turca 2010/2011 - 2ª Rodada

Hoje aconteceu a segunda rodada da Liga turca de Vôlei. Fenerbahçe, Vakifbank, Iller Bankasi e Eczacibasi venceram a segunda seguida, todas as vitórias hoje por 3 a 0. O Fenerbahçe, que hoje jogou com Fofão Fürst e Skowronska, teve na turca Seda Tokatlioglu o destaque e maior pontuadora da partida com 19 pontos. O Galatasaray, mesmo sem poder contar com a ponteira Érika, e a oposta Djerisilo, venceu sem problemas o Karsiyaka. Destaque da rodada para a oposta Marina Tumas, do Iller Bankasi, a jogadora foi a maior pontuadora da rodada com 24 pontos.

1ª Rodada -

Nilüfer Belediyesi 3x0 Dicle Üniversitesi (30-28, 25-21, 25-15) - Estatísticas

MKE Ankaragücü 0x3 Eczacıbaşı Vitra (21-25, 20-25, 10-25) - Estatísticas

İller Bankası 3x0 Ereğli Belediye (25-22, 25-20, 25-19) - Estatísticas

VakıfGüneş S. TTelekom 3x0 İBA Kimya Ted Kolejliler (25-16, 25-22, 25-19) - Estatísticas

Fenerbahçe Acibadem 3x0 Beşiktaş (25-18, 25-11, 25-16) - Estatísticas

Karşıyaka 0x3 Galatasaray Medical Park (13-25, 12-25, 19-25) - Estatísticas



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  1. Hi irmas Mellos
    it was a tiring weekend for us following our five teams when all of them playing in Istanbul by a such a fixture coincidence. On sunday, after men volleyball derby , our yellow angels played their game, but we couldn't stay till the end, watched 2 sets and went on the way to another saloon for women basketball derby. It also became another unforgettable athmosphere with a hard comeback, but i think you dont interest with basketball as much as volley je i'd better not to extend more to all sports.

    That most of supporters left volleyball saloon to go basket, was a pity to leave volleyball team without a celebration applauds and songs, once again couldnt talk with girls, just could make a short speech with Nati cause her shoulder injury. (Fofao is learning which colour to shout when fans and players sing alltogether :) )

    And beside of that volleyball federation and city mayor security commission decided in cooperation with clubs, not to let away fans at the new volleyball saloon cause security problems and supporter's incidents. İf they dont change mind our last half&half rivalry pleasure is gone, bad for supporter soul. We werent the naughty side, but the others jeje

    It was the first time we played volleyball derbies only one colour side without rival fans. The decision is bad for us more than others, because Fenerbahçe fans were showing more interest to games whatever it is home or away side, anyway sure we find a trick not to leave them alone anytime anywhere.

    I wonder how these things going on in Brasil. I know there is a hard league in there with sponsors investments. But what about the saloon athmosphers, how is the people's interest to men or women teams, is there a big difference? Can everybody support own team comfortably alltogether in same area? Fanatic fans troubles, punishments? You are also following Italian leagues closely.

    I dont know, if our people are wilder, more passionate than the world or security unites, public administrators are inabilitied minded persons who prefers to manage sports without fans.

    Anyway, i have another request from you girls, if you can find a link where i can see photo of Fofao's husband, and his name jeje.. I see a black man every game, but i am unsure if the man is her husband, then we can show him more sincerity. He was also with our futbol team's legend captain Alex de Souza and his family when they came to Volley Bergamo game last week.

    Well, our angels won in croatia away as supposed.. Have a nice week

  2. Hey! Thanks again for your thoughts here :)

    Well, ehre in brasil the big difference is that football teams is not relative to volleyball teams, most of it. So we dont find much organized football supporters in volleyball gyms, there are much more families and everything, so its a peacefull enviroment.

    Of course has supporters though, and when the games are between two rivalry teams, and supporters travel to watch a game then in the gymm of there is a special place for them, but that happens much more in finals, cause Brasil is a very big country so its not easy to travel to go watch your team when they play away. But over all the supporters get along with each otehr even if you support different teams.

    I dont know about any troubles happening between supporters from different teams lately in volleyball here in Brasil, that is much more commom in football of course.

    Sometimes the supporters are disrespectfull in words against other supporters, but never gets physical. Also cause in Brasil its not alound to go inside gymm with drums, or any flags that have sticks (each I really dont understand why, since the felling is of a lot of peace inside gymms, and would definelty make the party more beautiful).

    Mens and Women volleyball are equaly popular. The sport is overall popular, but sometimes the gymms are not full, maybe for markiting problems, and also cause the times the schedule the games here are not always the best, there are or really late like 21:00h or really in the morning, so that makes people not go watch much in gymms.

    But its not forhibet, you can go to any teams games, even if you are supporter from other team.

    Ill look for a photo of Fofao's husband for you. ;)

    Kisses, have a nice wekk you too.


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